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Beautiful Chinese Line - Industrial Revolution of Green Decoration Materials
Release time:2017-05-24 Browse:767second

By the China Building Decoration Association and the China Women's Development Foundation co-sponsored the 2013 green decorative materials "beautiful China" line of public welfare activities since the preparation, has been the CPPCC, the Ministry of housing construction, the National Development and Reform Commission, the provincial and municipal decoration associations, the building decoration materials business , The design of scientific research institutions, Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua, Sohu and other major news media and the general public a high degree of recognition and strong support.

Many people believe that the activities of far-reaching, extensive impact. Not only a positive response to the party's eighteen report on the construction of "beautiful China" great call, and will effectively promote the development of China's building decoration materials industry, power in the contemporary,

Recently, the China Building Decoration Association Materials Committee Executive Director Zhang Zhongling, Secretary-General Wang Yuefei led the "beautiful China" line organizing committee members, the national part of the provincial and municipal decoration Association conducted a pre-visit and in-depth contact, respectively, with Beijing, Tianjin, Hubei, Hunan, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei and Shijiazhuang and other provinces and cities decoration association responsible person for a friendly exchange and communication, the provincial and municipal decoration associations have "beautiful China" activities to give a warm response and Strong support and confidence in the sub - station activities of various provinces and cities.

In mid-April, the president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Spain came to the "China" organized by the Organizing Committee, and had a pragmatic and friendly interview. Through this interview, the two sides established a friendly alliance, opened the activities of the European market, established a brand image in the international community, enhance the visibility, while expanding the international strategic platform for the next step to the smooth development of activities, to further enhance In the international attention and influence to lay a solid foundation.

In addition, by the China Building Decoration Association Materials Committee hosted the "Green Decoration Materials Weekly" was officially launched in late March issued by the decorative materials sector colleagues praise, is currently about to publish the second phase. The publication of the magazine to fill the newspaper industry in China on the green decoration materials content blank, is a major event in the field of decorative materials, the future it will lead the world and the world green decorative materials development trend, as China's building decoration materials industry development across the times milestone!

At present, the "beautiful China" line of official activities have been completed to upgrade the work, we will continue to improve the various sections of the site for the majority of industry colleagues and consumers to provide more information, this important "image window" to gradually improve. Activities Organizing Committee will be through various forms, timely and extensive consumer interaction, and actively accept the community's advice and complaints, and resolutely resist the pollution and light pollution of decorative materials to promote green decorative materials, to help you leukemia patients, constantly Strengthen the industry self-discipline to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

So far, "beautiful China" line activities have been fully completed the preparatory work, into the specific implementation phase, the work is in various provinces and cities in an orderly manner, the major news media have also reported, given the warm attention and support. With the "beautiful China" line of activities in depth, the provinces and cities sub-station activities will be more efficient and efficient to promote, we firmly believe that this event will be a complete success, while in China set off a green decorative materials industry revolution The